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Hey mama! You matter to me!

First things first, my main goal in creating Memorymakingmommy.com is to encourage sweet mamas to be their best self and bring all their own creativity and uniqueness to this awesome and irreplaceable roles as mamas. You are the only one that can bring your special touch to your unique home. This is such a GIFT! 

One of my passions and personal strengths is research, please know any and every product I recommend or link to ,I have either personally used and loved or have hard core researched it to death and want to share the wealth! I want to build a relationship with you through my everyday mama stories so that you trust and care about what I think and recommend.

 I may receive income from sponsors or advertisers in the form of free products, advertising fees, and/or monetary compensation. All posts containing potential revenue-making links are clearly marked "May contain affiliate links please see my Disclosure Policy."

All the opinions provided in my product reviews,  compensated or not, are my own opinion, good, bad, or awesome please trust I am totally giving it to you straight! I will tell you my very honest opinions.

I am not responsible if your experiences vary.

I am excited to share  with you my knowledge and hope to walk along side you in becoming the best wife and mom you can be! 


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