What I am reading: January 2018

Books glorious books!!!! Oh how I love thee! 

Confession: I am a book sniffing, paperback reading bibliophile and I'm not ashamed to shout it from the roof tops!


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Yearly Reading Goals

Ahhhh!!!! I have some lofty reading goals for the year!

I know some mamas are rock-star readers but I have a meager goal of reading 25 books this year ( about 2 books a month)I don't like to really plan all the books I read out, but rather read where the spirit blows based on my needs. In my defense this number is so low because I still have a three year old, I am hoping to some day read so much more.

January Reads

I am going to give you my current list of what is in my book basket for January!

  • The First book I LOVED and already finished was The Life Giving Table by Sally Clarkson. It was amazing in more ways than one and is for ANY woman looking to disciple her household one meal at a time. I give it a 20 on a scale of 1-10 it was THAT good.
No Greater Love
By Mother Teresa

What are your reading goals for year? What is your current read for the month? Let me know in the comments below, I can't wait to see what everyone is reading!