Winter DIY +Painting ALL the things

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A new season 

Just like that, 4 kids later, the baby is three! I feel like a breath of fresh air, I am starting to be able to pursue my old interests and find new passions, and it feels FANTASTIC!


After being pregnant for darn near 10 years this just feels bizarre and fun, and well, foreign!

Let me tell you, mamas that are up to your eyeballs in diapers, bottles and can't leave without a stroller, one day you are going to sleep in, one day you are going to wake up and pour your self a hot cup of coffee and do a devotion, a FULL devotion with HOT coffee! One day you are going to be able to craft, read, decorate for the seasons! 

 Typical Luke, our spunky, crazy, always moving last born! This is on his birthday.

Typical Luke, our spunky, crazy, always moving last born! This is on his birthday.

I  see you! I was you for so very long and I really think part of God's calling for me is to encourage you. You can do this, motherhood is not meant to be easy, it is hard and good work. Work that is worth it. Work that changes with the seasons. It was only last year that I was a crying, depression laden mess of postpartum hormones. 

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Ohh What a difference even 6 months can make.

Every day I have a renewed JOY and zest for what God has planned for me ( ok, most days, some days I just am overwhelmed with all the demands, to be honest.)

My kids are super cool, my marriage rocks, and I am loving doing DIY projects! One thing I think I really missed during all the baby years was bonding with my husband over DIY. One of the things we LOVE to do most is a good old house project! It is so nice to return to this season.



Winter is the BEST time to smoosh in all your DIY projects because I find as soon as we start getting warm days all we want to do is be outside, eat outside, and basically never come in until late fall.

Speaking of, check out this adorable porch furniture I scored for $40.00! I have dreamy Pollyanna aspirations of sipping lemonade with a book in the summer as the children play or having a steamy cup of hot coffee in the fall with a throw and my devotions when the leaves tumbling by. Or a late night slushy on a hot summer evening with the hubs just chatting about life and my next Pinterest project ( Mwhahaha!)

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Blueberry pancakes and a happy front porch.

Back to painting all the things, Backstory, we live in a home built in 1930. This is the house that love built, my happy house. It is not grand in size but it is filled to the brim with   Jesus, my hubs, my kids, our french bulldog,books, coffee,creativity and laughter.  Frankly, that's all I really need in life! I love taking care of my people here, praying for them, cooking for them, educating them, decorating for them. I just love home in general.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast.

We have a 1600 square foot half house, and it has 4 charming little bedrooms that needed to be updated, so that's what we have been up to this winter. Full steam ahead, we are working our tails off! My daughter who is 10 realized she LOVES to paint and was so gracious to finish her and her sister's room in a beautiful robins egg blue, and then the cherry on top she moved on to our new room and painted it for us, too! Such a cool kid, I am so blessed!


I took my first stab at chalk painting and am ADDICTED! I love it and the look it has and it is just a nice little artistic outlet for me. I sat back in the quiet and jammed out  to the melancholy tones of  Lana Del Ray  summertime sadness on repeat while painting side tables for the girls( on a blustery Sunday afternoon. Then I painted a side table for my oldest son an awesome Dixie Belle Tree-frog Green and finished it off with a really cool map of the world knob from Hobby Lobby.

green paint.jpg
cole room 2.jpg

The next step to our DIY was doing a half pallet wall around the boys' room and painting it in Sherwin Williams Knockout Orange and a grey/brown. I think my favorite part was the decorating and gallery wall. We are going with a woodsy adventure theme. 


The last project we did was a fun Pinterest freebie. I got free lumberjack printables here and Modepodged them onto an old rustic cabinet door from my dad's garage before it was demolished. 

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So that about wraps up what we did inside, part 2 will be our outside projects!



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What were some winter DIY projects you accomplished this winter?